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Kid’s Hoodies

Kid’s Hoodies

Kids' Hoodies

Wrap your little ones in a cloud of coziness with our kids’ hoodies—because every adventure requires the right attire! These hoodies are not just fabric; they’re a cuddle waiting to happen. Perfect for tiny trendsetters who demand comfort and style. Watch as your kiddos become the fashion icons of the playground, one giggle at a time! 🌈👶✨


We are a revolutionary streetwear brand committed to sustainability, uniquely merging art inspired by video games, the anime world, with fashion, and the vibrant essence of urban culture. We are looking for modern adventurers like you who desire more than simple clothing.

Beyond fashion, our garments are an extension of your personality. Each thread tells a story, and each of our original illustrations becomes a part of your daily narrative.

Be part of the revolution! Join the flock and awaken the adventurer within you. 🐧

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