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Tenkū Ryūmen Women’s T-shirt


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Unleash the Noodle Dragon Vibe with the “Tenkū Ryūmen” Women’s T-shirt 🍜🐉

Hey, streetwear aficionados and ramen enthusiasts, gear up for a fashion journey hotter than a dragon’s breath and more satisfying than a bowl of tonkotsu! Feast your eyes on the “Tenkū Ryūmen” Women’s T-shirt – whether you’re conquering ramen joints or owning the city streets, this tee is your ticket to supreme streetwear style.

🐉 Dragon Noodle Magic: Ever pictured an Asian dragon relishing a bowl of ramen noodles? Now, it’s not just in your dreams – it’s on your tee! This exclusive design takes streetwear to a whole new level. 🎨🍜

🍜 Ramen-Ready Comfort: Crafted for the streets and your comfort, this tee is like a cozy ramen bowl for your upper body. Dive into a world where style meets the sublime pleasure of warmth. 🔥🍜

👑 Ramen-Friendly Fit: Not too tight, not too loose – just the perfect fit to accommodate your ramen-induced happiness. It’s street-ready style that lets you slay the fashion game without sacrificing comfort.

🐉 Dragon-Approved Durability: Built to withstand the fiery trials of street life, this tee is as tough as the legendary dragons of Asian folklore. It’s not just a fashion statement; it’s a commitment to lasting style.

Ingredients for Supreme Street Flavor:

🌱 Organic Cotton Kingdom: The “Tenkū Ryūmen” Women’s T-shirt is crafted from 100% organic ring-spun cotton, ruling the streetwear kingdom sustainably. No compromises on comfort or conscience! 🌍🌿

🍜 Lightweight Sovereignty: With a fabric weight that’s lighter than a dragon’s flight, this tee ensures comfort and freedom as you conquer the urban landscape. It’s the perfect balance for street queens who reign with flair. 🔥👑

👑 Single Jersey Throne: The tee sits on the throne of single jersey construction, providing the comfort and freedom to rule your fashion kingdom with grace.

👗 Medium Fit Majesty: Not too tight, not too loose – a medium fit that embraces your regal curves and allows you to strut your streetwear royalty with confidence.

👑 Set-In Sleeves Sway: Set-in sleeves for a graceful sway as you lead your fashion empire. Whether you’re strolling down runways or ruling the urban jungle, these sleeves are your regal attire.

👗 1 × 1 Rib Elegance: A touch of elegance with 1 × 1 rib at the collar – because even streetwear queens deserve a neckline that commands attention. 👁️👑

🪡 Single-Needle Precision: The single-needle topstitch ensures precision and attention to detail, making your tee a standout piece in the streetwear tapestry. 🎭👌

👑 Wide Double-Needle Edict: Wide double-needle topstitching on sleeves and bottom hems – a decree of durability that ensures your royal attire stands the test of fashion time.

🏰 Self-Fabric Neck Tape Royalty: Inside the neck, you’ll find self-fabric neck tape – a subtle touch for queens who appreciate the finer details of their fashion kingdom.

🌙 Self-Fabric Lunar Touch: The self-fabric half moon at the back of the neck is the lunar touch that elevates your streetwear look. It’s a celestial detail for fashion queens who appreciate the extraordinary.

Dragon Noodle Insider Tip:

🍜 Ramen-Ready Sizing: Heads up, fashion queens! Our sizes follow their own dragon rules. If you’re in the US, consider ascending a size higher for that majestic fit. It’s the secret spell to summon the ultimate comfort level! 🐲📏

Made-to-Order Mastery: Brace yourself for a personalized streetwear experience! Your “Tenkū Ryūmen” Women’s T-shirt is exclusively crafted for you the moment you hit order. Sure, it takes a tad longer to reach you, but trust us, the wait is like a suspenseful plot twist. It’s not just a tee; it’s a one-of-a-kind fashion enchantment. ✨👕

🌏 Eco-Friendly Flavor: By crafting this tee on demand instead of in fashion bulk, you’re not just embracing style; you’re leading the rebellion against overproduction. Kudos to you for being a thoughtful fashion revolutionary and aiding us in keeping the fashion kingdom verdant! 🍜💚

Now, prepare to embark on a majestic fashion journey with your “Tenkū Ryūmen” Women’s T-shirt – where comfort, style, and sustainability unite in a cosmic symphony! 🍜👑✨

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Tenkū Ryūmen Women’s T-shirt


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